Barefoot Story

Forty years ago, in Sri Lanka, Barbara Sansoni began the ethical weaving company Barefoot. Today, Barefoot’s weaving centres are all across the island, employing and run by local women. Dedicated designers provide training, traditional knowledge, unpolluted materials, and a marketplace for weavers. But, best of all — Barefoot create smiles all around the world.

Barefoot centres are always local, and provide valuable employment to rural women. Working locally saves long hours travelling and leaves the human touch in the weaving process — adding character and resilience to each item.

These employees control their economic status with mastery of traditional weaving techniques and creativity — ensuring every inch of the cloth is created using healthy and quality methods. Each worker is responsible for the quality of the final product. Barefoot teach the skills and strive for quality from the weavers and sewers

Nothing is mass-produced. No child labour is used. All employees earn a decent wage and benefits. There are no factories no production lines, and no authoritarian governments.

Every Barefoot textile is unique, useful, and takes their inspiration from Sri Lanka’s abstract geometry, seascapes, earth, plants and animals. Their vibrant colours come from a pallate of sixty-three colour shades. Eco-friendly Cibacron F/FN Swiss dyes are used in all the textiles. They are washable, non-toxic, and will not fade or run.